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Are You Fed Up With Door-To-Door Sales Reps?

Sales Reps Can Be Rude, Pushy, Deceitful, And Just Overall Annoying

The Majority Of Sales Reps Will Still Knock On A Door With A Generic "No Soliciting" Sign

Never Be Harassed By A Sales Rep Ever Again!

Last Knock Has Created A Way To Finally Hold Solicitors Accountable

Get Rid Of Sales Reps Once And For All

Fight Back With Last Knock!

Finally, A "No Soliciting" Sign That Actually Works!

Don't Waste Your Money on a Sign That Won't Stop Solicitors

With Our Branded Signs & Solicitor Reporting Service, Last Knock Is the Last Sign You'll Ever Need

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Stop Solicitors With Last Knock

The Door-To-Door Soliciting Problem

Sales reps can be relentless, and there isn’t much that can be done to stop them. Not even a generic “no soliciting” sign.

Before now there has been no way to hold sales reps accountable, as well as no universal and easily recognizable deterrent.

The Last Knock Solution

Last Knock has created a system to hold solicitors accountable through our easy-to-use online reporting system. Now, if a solicitor knocks on your door you can finally do something about it!

Our signs are also easily recognizable making them easy for solicitors to avoid in the future.

  • 9 Out Of Every 10 Sales Reps That We’ve Spoken To Said That They Would Still Knock On A Door That Has A Generic “No Soliciting” Sign Or Sticker.

How Does It Work?

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  • Put up your sign

    Place your Last Knock branded sign on your door, mailbox, or around your front entryway.

  • Report Solicitors to Us

    If a solicitor still knocks on your door, report them to us through our easy-to-use online reporting system.

  • Let Last Knock go to work

    Last Knock reports offending reps and their companies utilizing existing laws and other means. We also let the companies know that their troubles came because they knocked on a Last Knock door.

    This assures that reps/companies stay away from Last Knock signs in the future.

The Power Of Last Knock

Proactive Approach

Last Knock continually reaches out to companies before ever needing to report them.

The goal is to let them know what Last Knock is so that reps can be taught to steer clear.

Solicitor Reporting

After you submit a solicitor report the sales rep and company are promptly reported to your city and local authorities, after which they may be subject to fines & criminal charges.

Expanded Reporting

Last Knock also reports the company to other organizations and agencies including the Attorney General, BBB, review websites, etc.

Brand Recognition

Last Knock makes sure that the rep and their company know where their troubles came from.

This ensures that the company and their reps never knock on a Last Knock door again.

  • After Being Told About Last Knock, ALL Of The Sales Reps We Talked To Who Would Have Knocked On A Door With A Generic “No Soliciting” Sign Said That They Will Now Avoid Last Knock Doors Because They Don’t Want To Get In Trouble.

“I absolutely hate solicitors but I could never really do anything about it. With Last Knock I feel that now I can finally fight back.”


“I haven’t had a single sales rep come by since I got Last Knock! My sign matches with my door and looks really nice. I love it!”


“A solicitor came by the other day, I got his information, told him I was reporting him to Last Knock. He left rather quickly after that.”


“When solicitors came by before it was always so inconvenient and annoying. Now I can actually do something about it.”


Report Solicitor

Hold Solicitors Accountable

Solicitor Reporting

After receiving a report, Last Knock makes sure that the solicitor and their company know where their troubles came from.

This ensures that the company and their reps never knock on a Last Knock door again.