About Us

You may wonder where we came up with this idea. Utah is a hub for direct sales companies and all of us at one point did door-to-door sales for various companies. Through these experiences, we found that there is a lot of shadiness in the summer sales industry, and we hate that! We’ve seen and heard sales reps proudly share stories about lying to customers, sales tricks they used to pique their interest, charging a customer more because they didn’t know any better, tactics they used to get into someones home, etc.

One day we were all discussing how if we wanted to combat soliciting what would we do. The use of “no soliciting” signs on homes and businesses came up and we all remarked how almost every sales rep we knew would knock on a home that had one. We quickly realized that traditional “no soliciting” signs don’t work because they are just that, a sign. Sales reps simply don’t respect a generic sign and in order to stop a sales rep from knocking on a door they have to know they’ll get in trouble if they do it. With a generic sign, if a consumer knows their legal rights to prevent soliciting (which a majority don’t) and then take the time to report a sales rep, the next sales rep that comes along will treat their “no soliciting” sign as they would any other and knock anyway. In order to solve this problem reporting a rep needs to be easy, and the sales reps need a way to recognize a home that will cause them trouble.

Hold Solicitors Accountable

Through this, the concept of the branded “no soliciting” sign was born. If a door-to-door solicitor gets in legal trouble by having to pay a fine and/or receives a misdemeanor, the company that they represent feels the pain as well, and if both parties know that their troubles came from a specific source, they will avoid that source like the plague from then on. The source that they’ll learn to avoid is Last Knock.

Sales reps and their companies don’t have to get in trouble, even if they’ve just heard of Last Knock, and then come across it, the fear that they may get in trouble will make them stay away, I know I would have! Many companies already know about Last Knock through our efforts and through word of mouth. As word continues to spread to avoid Last Knock our brand power grows, and less people will have to deal with solicitors.

Never Be Harassed By A Door-To-Door Sales Rep Ever Again.